Why you should choose Montessori

Why you should choose Montessori

A child-centred, teacher-guided approach – Holistic learning experience

Picture of Author: Fiona Goodman

Author: Fiona Goodman

Fiona is the Centre Manager at The Children's Corner in Howick, Auckland and author of this article.

Choosing the right learning environment for your child can be stressful, there are a lot of factors to consider

Perhaps the biggest question you might ask yourself is “will this school prepare my child for adulthood?”  A Montessori education will do just that. Maria Montessori developed this philosophy because she wanted to create a better world for future generations based on the following key principles:

A child-centred, teacher-guided approach

Every child learns in a different way, at their own pace.  The indoor and outdoor environments are designed to encourage children to actively participate in their learning environment with the support of specially trained teachers.

Holistic learning experience

The 5 key learning areas in the Montessori classroom focus on the full development of the child;  Practical Life, Sensorial, Numeracy, Literacy and Culture.  Interacting with these learning areas, the children learn about the world around them and have the opportunity to engage in real life learning experiences.

Social development and collaboration

The mixed age environment encourages children to role model and work alongside each other resulting in respectful communication, team-building skills and a sense of community. These skills are essential to the development of the child and provide a critical foundation for adult life.

Confident lifelong learners

As children progress through the Montessori curriculum, they learn to look critically at their work and correct their mistakes.  By providing children with freedom to question and make connections they learn to become confident and independent learners.

Encouraging independence

The Montessori environment is prepared in a way to support the child doing things for themselves, things that would otherwise have been done by an adult.  Children begin to develop a sense of pride in working independently.  These tasks include washing dishes, cleaning windows, gardening, clothes washing, preparing food, dressing themselves and taking care of their environment.  This is not only empowers the child, but gives them confidence and a sense of personal achievement.

For more information about our school or the Montessori philosophy, book a visit where you can discuss with us your aspirations for your child.

The Children’s Corner Difference

When you choose a pre-school you want to be sure that your child is in an environment where they can thrive, learn, become more independent, confident and have fun.

The environment at The Children’s corner combined with our Montessori philosophy, is perfect for achieving these goals. 

Our low child, teacher ratios ensure your child has the best opportunity to thrive.

Our fully qualified teachers also have the opportunity to observe your child and work with them in the areas of development where they may be having difficulty or need further challenges. 

Feedback from our parents is that they enjoy the smaller school environment, the sense of community and the attention we are able to provide their children. 

We are confident our school provides the best possible start for your child. 
For more information about our school or the Montessori philosophy, book a visit where you can discuss with us your aspirations for your child. 

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